Thursday, September 27, 2007

Of religion and conflicts

Religion and conflict have no relation. One teaches love accomodation and pursuit of knowledge ,the other disrupts the very process. it would be a twit and a twit alone who can convert this into a connection . There is no denying that in the past as in future many conflicts will be apparently lauched on the religious platform but a small scratch on the surface and any military history student will discover the causes and platforms to be anything other than religion. Wars have and will continue to have a very material and tangible rationale albiet under the umbrella of religious rhetoric used to rouse the rabble and drum up support of those who least understand it. If the captain of a cricket team uses a no no word then it is best to recognise his frustration level and leave him to stew in his own fat by ignoring him and his remark. Doing any thing otherwise may temporarily satisfy the need for retribution & to lift the steam valve, but in the longer term will play into this psychopath's intended terrain -- cricket with religion and not with a bat and ball -as they seem to be too much for him .

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