Thursday, September 27, 2007

The setu and polity

I think this thing has gone too far. The politicians of any shade and that goes for the self appointed interlocutors of religion as well, are the least qualified or deserving to speak on the matter. They have brought the polemeics of their nasty life into the ordinary citizens life and aggravated tempers and opinions out of context. Take the example of a sadhu who left his sadhna and sidhi to pronounce judgement of beheading , which runs contrary to teachings of any religion or his own karma as a sadhu. Take shree karuna nidhi the champion despot who instead of providing the much needed leadership in tamilnadu has split the public on lines of religion caste and agnostic belief.shame on these so called leaders who squat on a pile of dung, and periodically rake it up to nauseat others . The answer to the setu lies not in its origin but in its economic efficacy . The entire political body with its diversity is silent on the economic gain / loss. It is so because this setu and increased traffic in the narrow confines of palk bay will make the shipping a very soft target as long as insurgency is around in sri lanka . The advantage lies only to politicians who will exact their pound of flesh as a conequence at a later date driving mobs to frenzy and nothing else. The distance saved by the setu is elaborately discussed in the primary paper on the subject which clearly states that financial gains to India are not moumental or even significant. The benficiaries will be contractors corrupt politicians and dredging companies from the reccuring and capital costs of maintainance of setu. Even the fund raiser UTI Bank is at its tethers end to raise capital from the market.
This charade that is being played out to debate veracity of incidents, personae and occurences of a past which now forms more part of faith than history ,is just a smoke screen. We need to generate opinion and debate, to discuss the real issues - how not to rally around a faith call by a consortium of politicians focused on mid term polls . The so called faux pax by the ASI is a stage managed Faux pAx. No twit would have the gumption to file affidavit without political clearance which is against norms and could lead to summary termination of job under the pleasure clause of the presidential powers..

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Sups said...

Religion has and will always be a major issue for the Indian politicians to garner votes through their 'Divide and Rule' policy